We do clinical research since 1998, with Investigational Products and Medical Devices, from first-in-human to post-registry studies.
With experience in most therapeutic areas we are highly specialized in cardiology, stroke and oncology.

We tailor our services to satisfy your specific needs, each client is unique to us.

  • Investigational Product
    From Phase I to Phase IV
  • Medical Device
    From First in human to Post-registry
  • Project Management and Strategic Planning
  • Training
  • IEC Imaging Corelab
  • Imaging Consulting
  • Home nurses
  • Study Coordinators

Full Service Studies:

  1. Scientific Advise & Strategic Planning

    anagram_estrategic_adviceOur Scientific and Medical Advisors make the complex simple.

    We partner with our clients from the very beginning, to assure study success, by advising on protocol and eCRF design, data analysis and site selection including appropriate country mix (for international studies)

    Over the years we have gained experience in most therapeutic areas, but especially in oncologycardiovascular and stroke.

  2. Feasibility studies

    anagramSite selection is key to project success. Experienced and motivated sites are especially needed in challenging studies.  We focus our strategy on customizing the communication plan to the study needs and tailoring the site selection questionnaire to make it site-friendly and easy to complete.

  3. Project Management

    anagram_project_managementMore than 20 years’ experience in project management and strategic planning brings to the team the necessary expertise and seniority to manage complex studies and programs.
    At Anagram we ensure costs are kept within the budget by optimizing our resources and finding efficiencies throughout  the study cycle while keeping our high quality standards.

  4. Regulatory and Site Contracting:

    anagram_regulatoryAnagram‘s extensive experience and excellent relationship with Spanish Competent Authorities, Ethics Committees and Hospitals enable us to expedite regulatory and ethics approvals as well as site / investigators’ contracts.

    Our international network of professionals have a solid regulatory background and perform submissions to regulatory bodies and ethics committees as well as site contracting.


  5. Data Management / Statistics

    anagram_data_managementThrough our strategic partners, we provide data management as well as statistical services.

    We offer local Data Entry Support to hospitals which need it, as well as specific Data Entry training modules.

  6. Monitoring & Site Management

    anagram_monitoringOne of our largest strengths is our experienced monitoring team, which is trained, committed and supportive. They are able to provide the best support to sites and sponsors. We conduct: site visits (pre-study, site initiation, monitoring, close out visits), site management and support with study drug management, data entry and cleaning, site study file, etc.

    The constant positive feedback from our clients and sites guarantees the high quality and supportive approach of our CRAs!

  7. Medical Monitoring

    anagram_medical_monitoringWe offer Medical support to sites to ensure protocol understanding and adherence and guarantee patient safety. Our medical monitors make sure that sites can identify and report AEs and SAEs timely.

  8. Medical Writing

    anagramAnagram provides a wide range of medical writing services, including preparation of study protocols, amendments, Case Report Forms, Informed Consent Forms and Clinical Study Reports. We advise our clients on the best format to present their study results based on their specific needs.

We offer services for:
iec trails