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Mifarma tries to trick you with low… Mifarma tries to trick you with low prices and promotions. On the same day I ordered in total mifarma opiniones products and getting confirmation of the order and also payment was succesfull they just cancelled the order in the afternoon. Pretending something went wrong with the order. Opinionrs keep pretending the day after still that there was a mistake mifarma opiniones the process and should order again.

Were are your promotional offers Mifarma! Yes in mifarmx pricing and will not sell at the price on the website. Ofcourse they refunded the money otherwise I would claim the products. Do you run your business like that? Will never try to buy again with them. Date of experience: July 27, Reply from Atida Mifarma Jul 27, Hello Bernard, we are very sorry to ooiniones about your experience. As we have informed you through ticket that you have open in your email and associated with your order the order was cancelled due to an error and as you can see opinione refund has already been received.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification of your case by means of the aforementioned ticket. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, best regards.

septiembre 24, 2023


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