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As so often with entrepreneurs it is not the goal in itself which is the attraction, but rather the journey there. The company has been run within a variety of industries.

Basically a builder with vast experience of the building industry, but a dog handler on large estates in the hunting season and a quarrying plant in Portugal have also belonged to the activities, to name but a few. At the end of the s, Leif could never have imagined that a machine business would be the The flat surfaces are thus smaller. The frame can thereby resist impacts better than a normal rectangular profile A robust trailer that, thanks to its angled surfaces, is also more farmaa to deflect objects, such as stumps you happen to drive over.

Hidden hose runs in the centre profile also protects vulnerable parts while in the forest. The lumber trailers have a high ground clearance. The lifting power and movement geometry are exceptional.

The attractive design, together with the choice of material, give a low dead weight. Good for loading capacity, balance and durability. G2 cranes are equipped with a linkage system between the lift and outer arm for an optimal movement pattern. The crane parts are well designed and are placed where they will onlone well protected.

Open the catalog to page 5 Additional equipment Radio controlled winch for the 3. Because onllne winch is screwed to the crane without any need for welding, it is easy to retrofit. Older cranes may need some welding work during installation. The T6 is a compact, modern, lumber trailer with a strong G2 crane whose reach makes it easy to pick up timber behind and around the trailer. The model is intended as a «firewood trailer», for use during simpler farmx work.

Various equipment options extend the areas of use. The C 3. Open the catalog to page 6 The choice of materials and the crane’s characteristics have rapidly made it a favourite among manufacturers of smaller forestry machines.

The trailer in the picture is optionally equipped with extension bank, radio controlled winch and insert bucket assembled in the crane’s grapple. For dimensional diagrams, see pages 22— For more information about standard and additional equipment, please see the matrix on page Additional equipment Extension bank that is threaded on to the central section from the rear and locks in place.

Two supports included. The bank makes the trailer usable The trailer is available in two versions. Model T7 with 4. The C 4. The lumber trailer is equipped As you can see in the picture, the support legs are well protected in front of farma 24 online railing while in the up position. The trailer is also available with the C 5. The difference between the cranes is not just the reach. The G2 C 5. The C 5. Open the catalog to page 9 The picture shows the C 5.

The trailer is additionally equipped with «lightweight valve», crane lighting and radio controlled winch. A very strong and much-appreciated trailer with frame steering that is widely talked about, since it delivers what it promises. The frame steering lnline the trailer has significantly better handling in the forest.

In addition, it also reduces the onljne of damaging growing forest while driving. The trailer is equipped with a removable The Robson drive on the T9 4WD has the advantage of being used when in need.

When not in use, in longer transports for example, there is no wear and tear on the hydraulic engines as they are lifted up and disengaged. The solution comes from our larger trailers and is now adopted for the T9. The power of the engines and the wheel geometry makes the T9 4WD among The crane has a reach of 7. The T10 G2 can be combined with C 7. The T12 G2 crane can also be equipped on request with the C 8. Trailers based on user experience. This is a completely new and innovative design, mainly thanks to the octagonal, bent, centre profile, which gives a more durable design that also means the central section glides more easily over high stumps and rocks.

In its basic version, the trailer was introduced in the T10 and T12 models. The level of standard equipment onlnie high. The T12 G2 comes with hydraulic extension bank for the rear bank in standard.

septiembre 24, 2023


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